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New article posted on PracticalEcommerce.com: A customer review system is one of the top features of an ecommerce website. It provides credibility through the word of others who have previously purchased the products or services. This singular feature differentiates the online shopping experience from brick-and-mortar stores more than any other. While many ecommerce websites prominently display customer reviews on their product pages, not all customer-review platforms are equally effective. Analyzing Customer Review Platforms; Amazon's Example
New article posted on PracticalEcommerce.com: International orders are an often overlooked market for ecommerce merchants. Prior to accepting them, however, merchants should configure their sites to increase international profits and reduce potential losses. Here are eight tips to help. Configuring an Ecommerce Site for International Orders; 8 Tips
New article posted on PracticalEcommerce.com: One of the main goals of an ecommerce site is to decrease the time it takes consumers to add products to their cart. By utilizing a "quick view" feature, a site can remove many obstacles — including clicks — and help shoppers initiate their ordering with relative ease and efficiency. "Quick view" is also known as "quick look," among other names. It enables visitors to view product details — on a category page, a cart, or any other page — without a page refresh. The product details are launched in a modal (i.e. pop-up) window, which opens on the page the visitor is on, and typically displays a truncated set of product details. Using 'Quick Views' to Increase Conversions
New article posted on PracticalEcommerce.com: Many successful ecommerce businesses focus their marketing efforts on search engine optimization, shopping feeds, email, affiliates, and pay-per-click advertising. However, websites that sell consumable products — such as supplements, batteries, food, snacks, vitamins, beverages, and condiments — can tap into a new revenue source: the "auto ship" program. 'Auto Ship' Programs Generate Repeat Sales
New article posted on PracticalEcommerce.com: Back in October, Google made an update that blocks website analytic systems from tracking Google search terms used by visitors to your site who are logged into their Google account. This search update was touted by Google as “protecting the personalized search results” Google (not provided)